Online Cyber Education and Career Development

CyberAcademy aims to provide innovative educational services to individuals seeking knowledge of various CyberSecurity domains through practical applications, research and development, and relevant training through our specialized courses and degree programs.  The Academy is designed to lay the foundation for cybersecurity education, academic preparedness, industry certification, career development, and personal/social development for students.

CyberAcademy is unique! Where other training solutions focus on a single aspect of an individual’s development, we focus on the student’s real goal -  getting a good job and a career in cyber!  

CyberAcademy is more than just a learning solution used to train individuals.  We take great interest in our graduates and the advancement of their careers and lives.  Along with critical knowledge transfer, CyberAcademy works with the graduate and helps them gain the knowledge of various career choices, priorities, lifestyle preferences, and development opportunities to plot a successful career path in cybersecurity.  Through our LifeServices, we provide career coaching, networking, resume assistance, interview skills and shaping of one’s online presence to help graduates grow and enter the cybersecurity workforce.

Mission Focused! Tailored learning to meet US federal cyber operational goals

Mission FocuesCyberAcademy leverages extensive experience within the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and other agencies enabling us to specifically tailor the curriculum in order to prepare graduates for the US federal cyber workforce.  Be it workforce development or a new career within cybersecurity, the Academy targets core knowledge gaps outlined by the National Initiative for Cyber Security Education (NICE) and the National Initiative for CyberSecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) to maximize the graduate’s ability to enter the cyber workforce.

Anytime, Anywhere! Flexible learning environment

Anytime AnywhereCyberAcademy is an accelerated learning solution developed to maximum knowledge transfer.  This innovative 21st century web based e-learning solution uses agile delivery models supporting both instructor lead and on-demand training.  By blending both instructor lead and on-demand solutions, our training solutions increase the efficiency of workforce skill development while decreasing the barriers to training such as cost and availability.

E-Learning or online learning offers numerous advantages for people who are juggling work, school and family commitments – none bigger than the ability of anytime, anywhere learning.   CyberAcademy uses the latest online learning technologies to create an agnostic learning platform to support all digital environments (PC: Windows, Mac, Linux; Mobile: Android, iOS) giving the student true freedom of anytime, anywhere education.

Park It Anywhere! Portable enterprise architecture for integration into public, private and hybrid enclaves.

Behind The WireCyberAcademy is developed for portability.  This innovative enterprise architecture can be fully integrated in almost any enclave – public, private and hybrid environment.  It is fully scalable and can be completely tailored to meet your operational needs.  The platform can be white labeled and privately branded to create a custom training solution for your organization.  CyberAcademy can even be deployed inside the wire to support both classified and unclassified environment.  Be it cloud, customized, behind the wire, or white labeled, CyberAcademy provides a 21st century accelerated learning solution to help you Learn, Develop, Apply and Grow.