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CyberAcademy aims to provide innovative educational services to individuals seeking knowledge of various CyberSecurity domains through practical applications, research and development, and relevant training through our specialized courses and degree programs.  The Academy is designed to lay the foundation for cybersecurity education, academic preparedness, industry certification, career development, and personal/social development for students.

At CyberAcademy we help you Learn, Develop, Apply and Grow within the cybersecurity field.


Learn real world cyber knowledge from our industry experts


Develop your digital skills for the cyber workforce


Apply your skills and knowledge to obtain critical cyber certifications


Grow by entering in a cyber related job


Learn real world cyber knowledge from our industry experts. CyberAcademy leverages extensive experience within the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and other agencies to specifically tailor the curriculum for preparing the graduates for the US federal cyber workforce.   Our CyberAcademy instructors use their expert industry knowledge and experience to lay a solid foundation to maximize the graduate’s ability to enter the cyber workforce.

Networking People 2Bridging Key Knowledge Gaps. The Academy targets core knowledge gaps outlined by the National Initiative for Cyber Security Education (NICE) and the National Initiative for CyberSecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) to maximize the graduate’s ability to enter the cyber workforce

US Federal Focused Cyber Learning. The CyberAcademy accelerated learning solution meets congressional mandates for the National Cyber Workforce initiative.  The Academy aligns with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) and is tailored for US Federal Government operational requirements knowledge transfer.

At CyberAcademy, our “Learn” is about acquiring the necessary theoretical knowledge to understand the “why”.  It helps you understand why one technique works where another fails. It shows you the whole picture, builds the context, and helps you set strategy.


DevelopDevelop your digital skills for the cyber workforce. The world is ever evolving within the digital workspace and new digital skills are required to keep pace.  Within the cybersecurity domain, this is ever more so important.   “Develop” is about building the student’s practical knowledge and the advancement of their digital skills.  These skills become the toolset of their trade and helps them perform their day-to-day operations.

CyberAcademy provides a broad range of digital skill development including programming, systems design, networking, mobile apps development, and cybersecurity that are critical within the cyber domain.


Apply your skills and knowledge to obtain critical cyber certifications. At CyberAcademy, our instructors use their industry expertise to streamline the learning experience so our graduates can “Apply” the best knowledge and the Applyprecise skills to gain the right certifications for placement in the cyber workforce. Employers care about certifications, continued education, and aptitude using the latest technologies.  Aside from technical competency, businesses believe that employees with certifications possess better communication skills and better project management skills – all important for a successful career in cyber.

Certification Preparation. A certification shows that you possess comprehensive knowledge and you care enough about your career to spend the time to get certified. CyberAcademy trains you for the most in demand cybersecuirty certifications supporting the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS).


Enter Cyber JobGrow by entering in a cyber related job. CyberAcademy is more than just a learning solution used to train individuals.  We take great interest in our graduates and the advancement of their careers and lives.  Along with critical knowledge transfer, CyberAcademy works with the graduate and helps them gain the knowledge of various career choices, priorities, life style preferences, and development opportunities to plot a successful career path in cybersecurity.

CyberAcademy LifeServices provides career coaching, networking, resume assistance, interview skills and shaping of one’s online presence to help the graduates grow and enter the cybersecurity workforce.

Career CoachingCareer Coaching. Exploring a new career or navigating an existing one can be a daunting task.  There are numerous options and paths one can take.  CyberAcademy provides individuals with feedback, insight, guidance and direction to unlock their potential and get the most out of their careers.  Through career coaching, CyberAcademy LifeServices assists our graduates with the necessary knowledge and understanding to obtain a fulfilling position in cybersecurity.

Networking. The CyberAcademy helps graduates understand the power of networking, how to establish their personal network, build relationships, and extend opportunities to participate in our network.  The CyberAcademy LifeServices assists in building the skills, experience and confidence to create and maximize the effectiveness of networking – equipping the graduate with the necessary knowledge and understanding to obtain a fulfilling position in cybersecurity.

resumeResume Assistance. First impressions are lasting ones!  It all boils down to knowing the market, knowing what the reader wants to see or needs to see, and being able to create a resume strategy that meets those needs.  CyberAcademy LifeServices supports graduates with the development and guidance of their resumes to ensure their first impressions are lasting one.

Interview Skills. Interviewing is a learned skill, and there is always room for improvement.  Even the smartest and most qualified job seekers need to prepare for job interviews.  Job interviews can be a mystery, with CyberAcademy LifeServices it doesn’t have to be.  LifeService helps graduates find the right job interview strategies to successfully enter the cybersecurity workforce.

Online Presence. Like your resume and interviewing skills, your online persona should be thought about as much like your interview attire.  Your digital footprint projects an image of you and 93% of recruiters use this information to qualify a potential candidate.  With CyberAcademy LifeServices, graduates receive help with their online presence to ensure they can put their best digital footprint forward.