CyberAcademy is a cyber focused accelerated learning solution for the US federal marketplace and targets core knowledge gaps outlined by the National Initiative for Cyber Security Education (NICE). This learning solution is specifically tailored to prepare for critical cyber certifications as well as shaping the graduates to enter the US federal cyber workforce.

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Why you should choose a cyber career

12x demand vs supply

Current global demand for cybersecurity professionals is 4.5M with only 2.5M candidates available. Estimates show demand for cyber professionals is 12x greater than supply generating more than 5 million open positions by 2019. The US Federal government will need to fill approximately 10,000 openings for cyber professionals in 2016. Cyber functions are scattered 100 different federal job categories
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More available
high paying jobs

IT services are the largest job increase and payrolls in the tech field.

IT services sector experienced the largest increase in jobs and the largest payroll of the entire tech sector. Within IT, job postings for cybersecurity has grown 3x faster than IT jobs overall.

Tech industry comprised 5.7% of the US private sector workforce by accounted for 11.4% of the total payroll and 11% of all open positions within the workforce.

Average wage was more than double than that in the private sector.

Unemployment in IT is less than half the national average.

Not Technical, No Problem!

Cybersecurity jobs are in high demand and growing across the entire economy. Traditionally, the cornerstone of cybersecurity was with defense contractors and government agencies. Recently, hiring has boomed in idustries such as Finance, Health Care, and Retail

“There are plenty of other jobs related to cybersecurity — acquisition professionals, lawyers, you name it — where we need this skill sets inside the government, and we can’t get them in at scale right now.”

– Trevor Rudolp, OMB Head of Cybersecurity Unit

A Career in Cybersecurity has never been easier

As the field of cybersecurity continues to grow, so do the disciplines within it.

Cybersecurity work includes using problem solving skills often compared to those of a detective – the analysis of policy, trends and intelligence to better understand how an adversary may think or act. This level of work complexity requires the cyber professional to possess a broad range of knowledge, skills and abilities. Due to this broad range and diversity of skills, there are many different jobs options within the field of cybersecurity. There is no one true path to working in cybersecurity and people come at it from all angles – math, computer science, even history or philosophy.

Preparing for a career in cybersecurity.

Many disciplines within the field have industry certifications that verify the knowledge and ability of the applicants. Aside from technical competency, businesses believe that employees with certifications possess better communcation skills and better project management skills – all important for a successful career in cyber.